Sezii found his fascination for electronic music when he was only 8 years old because his father listened to Thunderdom a lot.

At the age of 13, his uncle took him to a techno club for the first time. That’s when Sezii began to realize that dj-ing and techno music will be part of his life from now on.

He went to raves a lot, always observing and trying to learn what the Dj was doing. At that time, he didn’t have the money to buy all the equipment to be a Dj himself. So when his best friend got the Traktor program and mixer on his iPad, he took the chance and started to play whenever time allowed.

Two years ago, Sezi bought himself the Pioneer xdjs he always wanted. With his best friend giving him his Allen & Heath Xone 92, Sezii was ready to mix. This changed the game! There is not one day where he is not standing behind his decks at home. Sezii‘s friends are crazy about his mixes and his after hour parties are legendary. He even built his own dj-booth in his living room.

Regardless of the brilliant feedback he receives, in Sezii’s point of view, the idea of being a „professional“ dj never really seemed to be feasible.

However, in winter 2017 he met Barbanera, founder of Ruya Records. It was Barbanera who then convinced Sezii to mix a podcast for Ruya Records - which tourned out to be an excellent and motivating decision: Since February 2018, his podcast reached more than 1000 clicks and on top, he enjoyed his first dj-ing experiences in clubs!

Sezii knows what ravers want because he is one himself and this is what you hear in his creative sets.