Barbanera was already interested in music instruments and their sounds since his early childhood. When he was 9 years old, his cousin showed him how to play some pieces of classical music on the piano, which he still remembers how to play today. 

His family noticed his passion and talent.

Unfortunately, they were not able to support him during this time but as the years passed Barbanera, whose real name is Selci Kurtisi, always knew in the back of his mind that his time with music and composing will come. 

He first got in contact with electronic music at the age of 14. Booka Shade was one of the first artists he listened to during day and night. There was not one day where he did not listen to this kind of music. 

In August 2016, he decided to go deeper in to the making of tracks like the ones he liked to listen to. He continuously sat by his laptop together with his small Midi-Keyboard and learned the handling of Ableton. He also studied a lot of music theory and he was getting better day by day. A lot of further knowledge he gained with the help from one of his best friends, DJ and producer Benotmane. 

Barbanera then had the idea of starting his own platform.


This is how Ruya Records was born. Ruya has a personal meaning to Barbanera and he is delighted to finally fulfill his dream.